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This site is being provided as a basic aid in display/monitor calibration, care and maintenance. Be sure to reference the instructional materials that were provided by your display's manufacturer. The OEM's documentation should supercede that of any materials found on this website.

Before you begin the calibration process, allow your display the opportunity to "warm up" and stabilize. A half-hour to an hour should be sufficient. Make sure that your display is clean! It's surprising how many people fail to observe this basic, but very important step.
A good cleaning should be performed at least weekly. Again, make sure to reference your manufacturer's documentation for details on the proper cleaning techniques and materials that may be required for your specific display. Never spray a liquid cleaner directly onto the display as it may leak into the display housing and play havoc with your electronics.

Turn on the lights that will normally be burning while you are working. To avoid eye strain, the light reflected from walls and other items behind and beside the computer display should be about the same brightness or slightly less than the display screen itself. Do not stare into a display in a darkened room. Avoid placing the display where it will reflect light sources located behind you.

In the event that your equipment resides in an area that is affected by natural lighting (near a window) or in an environment where the ambient lighting varies throughout the day, you should recalibrate your display several times per day. Whenever the ambient light changes, your monitor is no longer adjusted properly. Recalibrating often will help prevent eye strain and provide for a more accurate graphics display.

You should begin the calibration process with the "Brightness And Contrast" page as these are the most important display settings and will impact all additional adjustments.

Do not place any objects on the ventilation slots found on and around your display. Most displays generate a great deal of heat which needs to be allowed to radiate freely from these openings. Failure to do so will significantly reduce the life expectancy of your display.

To get the most from this website, you should be sure to have your browser's Java setting enabled. Javascript will be utilized throughout the site to provide you with necessary information regarding your system as it pertains to your display properties.

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